6 Top Tips For a Great Night's Sleep

Posted By esther | 9th March 2018

It can sometimes be difficult to get a great night’s sleep, especially since we all lead such busy fast paced lives. A great night’s sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, and can benefit your heart, weight, mind, and so much more. Here are our 6 top tips for getting a great night’s sleep.

Sleep on the perfect bed

It is no secret that a comfy bed and amazing bed linen helps you fall asleep. You spend up to a third of your life sleeping, over a lifespan, that's more than 26 years! Investing in your bed and bed linen is a no brainer. But what makes the perfect bed? It is very important to choose the right mattress! Some people sleep better on firmer mattresses, while others prefer softer ones. Take your time, ask expert dealers questions and advice, and try it out for at least 20min before you buy it. In short, choose the mattress that works best for you. Also, by using a mattress protector, you help prevent agitating allergies while you sleep and keeps the mattress feeling in “like new” condition for longer. Extra benefits are that the protector keeps the mattress clean and helps guard your mattress warranty.

Make your pillow count

Do you wake up with a sore neck and shoulders? The secret to the right pillow is to make sure it keeps your head in alignment with the rest of your body. Feather and down pillows are some of the most comfortable but often they lose their shape and volume the older they get which causes a misalignment with your body and head. Feather and down pillow can also irritate allergies in some people, so a great substitute is a high quality microfibre pillow. It has the same down like fluffy feel and is also an anti-allergy pillow that keeps its shape longer.

Good quality bed linen makes the difference

Why is bed linen so important for a good night’s sleep? Well, if you are like me, then you love getting into fresh clean crisp sheets, it just gets me ready for a great night’s sleep. It is also important to get the right bedding because it helps keep you at a good temperature for sleep, so breathable materials like cotton can be a good choice. Another great tip is to always ask for Percale fabric; it is closely woven fabric with a minimum of 180 thread count which gives it a smooth and luxurious feel. The golden rule for fabric; the higher the thread count, the softer the feel of the bed linen. Unfortunately, 100% cotton sheets crease more easily and take time ironing to keep the bed looking good. For this reason, many people prefer Poly Cotton Percale which is a combination of polyester and cotton and is an easy-care linen fabric. Linon has brought in a Poly Cotton Percale linen fabric that is a 200 thread count, 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester blend which they believe to be the perfect compromise between comfort and easy-care.

Get into a routine

Perhaps one of the easiest and simplest tips to implement; getting into a bedtime routine. We all have our morning routines for getting ready and going to work, so why don’t we all have a bedtime routine as well? Setting a bedtime, and most of all, sticking to it! This habit is vitally important for improving sleep quality. It allows you to set aside the recommended seven to eight hours a night, and helps regulate your body’s internal clock for optimised sleep quality. Choose a bedtime when you usually feel tired, turn off the lights and set an alarm for 7 to 8 hours later. If you’re getting enough sleep, you should wake up naturally before your alarm, feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

Avoid blue light

Research has shown that blue light, emitted from our smartphones and other screens can interfere with the production of the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is an important chemical in the sleep-wake cycle, which helps your body regulate when you are tired. Many of us fall victim to sleeping with the TV on, or scrolling through Facebook just before bed – this can have a serious impact on your night’s sleep, leaving you feeling groggy and tired in the morning. Try turning off all electrical items with a screen, at least one hour before bed time and notice the difference in your sleeping pattern.

Allow time to unwind

If you are working or have been busy just before bed, you may have experienced trouble nodding off to sleep. This is because our bodies need time to unwind. In the same way we need to cool down after a workout, our brains need time to relax and process the day’s activities before we sleep. We suggest taking a long bath if you are not from Cape Town. And for all Cape Town residents, maybe a nice cup of camomile tea 😊 Happy Sleeping!

Linon Customer Service

About Linon Linon has over 120 years of combined experience in the hospitality linen and towel industry. They supply a full range of fabulous bedding items, from easy-care 200 thread count Poly Percale to crisp luxuriously soft 200 thread count & 300 thread count 100% Pure Cotton Bed Linen. Their Quilted Protectors also add a layer of softness to your mattress and pillows, Deluxe Microfibre Duvets & Pillows that feel like down and are non-allergenic. Transform your bed and guarantee a great night’s sleep. Linon invites you to try their hospitality linen and towel and to see how Linon compares for service, quality, convenience and cost. Get in touch with the right people the first time. We look forward to assisting you. Web: www.linon.co.za Email: info@linon.co.za Linon Hospitality Supplier Uncompromising quality and great value. Our aim is to bring our range directly to customers at unbeatable prices.


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  1. Great article, this has helped me figure out a few bad habits I need to get out of like looking at my phone screen before bed. Thanks a lot!

  2. Andiswa

    “We suggest taking a long bath if you are not from Cape Town. And for all Cape Town residents, maybe a nice cup of camomile tea 😊”

    Soon we will be able to do the same 😂😂😂😂… you’re hilarious 😂

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