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                TOWEL SIZE GUIDE

Size in Centimetre
Face Cloth
30 x 30
Guest Towel
30 x 50
Hand Towel
50 x 90
Bath Towel
70 x 130
70 x 135
70 x 140
Bath Sheet
90 x 150
90 x 160
90 x 175
Bath Mat
60 x 90

Please note that Linon’s sizes differ depending on the towel range, please refer to our individual Towel range Product Pages which cover each specific Towel range’s sizes & dimensions.

Linon Towel Range

Linon sells superior hospitality quality towels which are manufactured by the African towel giant, Nortex. They have been in operation since 1990 and are the largest terry towel manufacturing company in Southern Africa. Nortex produces top quality terry towels, micro cotton towels and their very own knitted Snag Free® towels. Nortex towels are SABS ISO 9001:2015 certified and their consistently high-quality range of towels are sought after by hotels, guest houses and the hospitality industry.

Linon sell the following quality Nortex towels:

Nortex Snag Free® Towels

Special Knitted for the Hospitality Industry.

Snag Free® towels are manufactured with a unique warp knit construction, to prevent pulling or snagging. These towels are more durable than their woven counterparts and withstand more washes than normal towels, up to 200 industrial washes. Nortex Snag Free® towels are the preferred choice by the hospitality industry due to its durability, high absorbency and soft touch.

Available in all sizes:

485 GSM : Face 30 x 30 | Hand 50 x 90 | Bath 70 x 130 | Bath Sheet 90 x 150 cm

600 GSM:  Hand 50 x 90 | Bath 70 x 135 | Bath Sheet 90 x 160 cm

Nortex Indulgence Towels

Bring chic simplicity to your bathroom with this extremely high thread count ”Super Towel”

The Nortex Indulgence collection was designed with two things in mind: Luxury and Style.

With an opulent weight of 630gsm, the Indulgence Towel has hollow fibre Hygro-Technology which means it only gets thicker and fluffier as it’s washed and tumble dried. Made from 100% cotton, it has a chic ridge design at the edges.

Available in all sizes:

Face 30 x 30 | Guest 30 x 50 | Hand 50 x 90 | Bath 70 x 140 | Bath Sheet 90 x 160 cm

Click here to view our hospitality towel ranges – https://linon.co.za/product-category/towels/

Ask The Experts

The Linon collection of hospitality linen has be specifically tailored for the hospitality industry and has been developed by our team based on over 120 years of combined experience. If you would like to ask any of our experts about your establishments correct par level for bed linon or any other linen query, please give us a call on +27 87 550 0202 or email info@linon.co.za

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